Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Paperbacks, Where do you get yours?

Last we left off with the demise of the beloved used book store. Now we shall move on to Online.

Online books;

My first and favorite is the hugely popular PaperBackSwap.com. This is a tour de-force of online trading. And I mean trading. The basic primise is that books are traded book for book. Just pay for postage, no small change nor expensive, more like Goldie Hawn Locks, just right. The cost is from $2.50 to about $3.50. Now here is the interesting part, you don't pay the other person to send you a book. You post or list the books your willing to trade, then when someone wants one of your books, you mail it to them. When received you get a credit and can request any book. Then that book is sent to you by its owner and they get the credit next. This I have found is the cheapest and easiest of the online paperback acquiring methods, it does have draw backs; time delay is one of the smaller problems, the books are mailed 'media mail' and subject to lower rates, this means they can take longer to reach there destination. Choice is the next problem, allot of very popular, rare or expensive books don't show up very often. Then the biggest problem with SciFi is we readers of SciFi have a tendency to hang on to the books we really like. So head on over to PaperBackSwap.com, Sign up and start trading... and if you have any "Doc Smith" post them... ;)

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