Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paperbacks, Where do you get yours?

In the world of SciFi Paper backs acquiring new books was almost as much fun as reading them and I seemed to put in effort as well. When young we seem to have much more time, a seemingly endless supply, I chock that up to everything being new or at least not as old. As we grow older the reverse seams to apply. Then add in the  money factor, younger not as much money, now that I'm older, I have enough. So when I was young and relatively low on currency, I spent all my time at the Big chain book Stores. Mine were Waldon's and Dalton's. Oh I belonged to the SciFi book clubs at the stores for a measly ten percent discount, not really much help there. Hardly ever looking into a used book store. In my own defense the SciFi dept in used books stores was always low on the SciFi/Fantasy. Now that I'm aged, I spend most of my time looking for used books or really good deals on new books, rarely paying more than three fifty a book. Another twist in the irony dept. I used to love the fantasy novels in hard back now of course it is the reverse, SciFi and paperbacks.

So how do we collect our treasured books?

Used book stores;

Long gone seams the day of used book stores, Especially the well stocked ones. I remember the area of old overland park, KS, with in a two block area where three great stores resided. These weren't some old dusty place begging you to buy something it was a smorgasbord. One shop even had an author autographed section of books. As time went on, or more accurately the internet grew, book stores new and used begain to dwindle, and left us only with the mega big super giant stores. The only outlet for used books now around here seams to be Half Priced Books. The others remaining hold outs have all gone.
1/2$Bks is a great used book store I make to or thee pilgrimages there a year frequently coming out with a small bag of goodies. When searching half priced books look for the older covers, The price of the book is half the cover price. So a book from the eighties and nineties will run you around two to three bucks but later printings of the same book can run four to five bucks. Not a huge difference but when I buy eight to fifteen on a single haul, that's eight of fifteen bucks or three or for more books.

Don't forget to check out front as well as the dollar racks. The key here is to look at every title, I've found many books here for just one dollar and they were worth the time. Like the classics? Many old classic books can be found bagged for one dollar. Last tip for 1/2$Bks, when you walk in ask someone behind the counter for a ten percent off coupon.

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