Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My New PS3

Playstation 3 and the search for scifi games.

There is a wealth of movie games, semi scifi shoot'em up games, as well as games that just fall flat. All of which leave me going, eh?
Where are all the space games really good robot games? The power of our game consoles would make HAL green with envy as well as kill everyone he could in just plain rage.
Here is where I clue you into my age, where are the cool titles from the mega game company Origins? With games like Privateer? 2400AD? and the best Space Rogue. There are games for every movie, but what about the books? How about a game set in, not mirrored, the Hyperion universe? Other game titles might include books from Chalkers worlds or many other cool authors. We do have a version of Neal Stephenson's virtual world in Second Life. There are several and with my limited playing time will keep me busy for quite some time I'm planing on first playing Bio Shock then ResEvil5, Little Big Planet looks cool as well. Yet, I want the epic space battles the techno driven driven stories of SciFi that has driven my imagination since childhood. maybe I'm not looking hard enough or expecting to much, not enjoying the games That are out there.
Never the less...STAY CLEAR CIVILIAN!

Monday, December 28, 2009


I've begun reading ILIUM by Dan Simmons;

Simmons is a master of what I would call dense writing, every sentence thick with meaning, as if every word were crafted in a blacksmiths' forge. For some his writing tend to go long. I do agree, the Hyperion stories seam huge stretching on forever. Comparing his novel with an epic would make the epic seam like a short story. Though I didn't care for the Endymion books as well they were incredibly well written, making me wish I had a greater education in literature so as to enjoy the books by Simmons at a much deeper level. His work reminds me of another writer Mark Helprin, WINTERS TALE and SOLDER of the GREAT WAR, they seam to have the same muse and internal fire that drives storytellers to a holy god like skill in story telling.

I'm only at chapter five and find myself being pulled in... more to come.