Monday, December 28, 2009


I've begun reading ILIUM by Dan Simmons;

Simmons is a master of what I would call dense writing, every sentence thick with meaning, as if every word were crafted in a blacksmiths' forge. For some his writing tend to go long. I do agree, the Hyperion stories seam huge stretching on forever. Comparing his novel with an epic would make the epic seam like a short story. Though I didn't care for the Endymion books as well they were incredibly well written, making me wish I had a greater education in literature so as to enjoy the books by Simmons at a much deeper level. His work reminds me of another writer Mark Helprin, WINTERS TALE and SOLDER of the GREAT WAR, they seam to have the same muse and internal fire that drives storytellers to a holy god like skill in story telling.

I'm only at chapter five and find myself being pulled in... more to come.

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